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ISKF Mountain States Region

By clicking above link, it takes you to ISKF Mountain States Regional Website.

ISKF Northwest Region

By clicking above link, it takes you to ISKF Northwest Regional Website.

ISKF Official Information and Forms


The above link will directly lead you to information page in ISKF World Headquarters website. It contains information about Training Program, Official Rules of Certified Qualifications, Examination Guidelines, and Dan Registration Forms. Here is another link to ISKF Tournament Rule Book. For everything else, please visit ISKF Website Home page.

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MIND AND BODY - LIKE BULLET: Written by Catherine Pinch

Catherine Pinch worked with Yaguchi Sensei to write the book “Mind and Body – Like Bullet.” She interviewed not only Master Yaguchi, but many of his peers and lifetime students, in order to put together the stories and events that might otherwise have disappeared into the fog of time. Yaguchi Sensei is loved and respected throughout the karate world. He was one of the first of Nakayama Sensei’s students to graduate from the JKA Instructor Training program, and was sent to the United States to help start up the JKA Shotokan Karate in America.

Catherine started training in karate in about 1980 while going to school in Eugene, Oregon. She has trained with Yaguchi Sensei since 1982. She came to Denver, Colorado after graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Computer Science. At the time, the national economy was in a slump, and she was told that Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas were her best options for finding a job right out of college. Her first sensei, Mr. Bob Graves, told her, “Go to Denver and train with Master Yaguchi.  He’s the best.” So she did. She arrived at the Denver dojo as a young brown belt. Over the years, she developed a close relationship with Yaguchi Sensei. Their teacher-student relationship deepened as she became more and more serious about training. After about four years of hard training (and a couple of failures), she got her shodan (black belt).

In the years following (1994, 1995 and 1996), she became three-time national champion in women’s black belt kumite, and in one of those years she also took first place in black belt women’s kata. She was also on the US National Team for five years, competing in Japan, England, Australia, Mexico and Jamaica. She was part of the US women’s kata team that took second place in Japan at the Shotocup tournament.

Catherine is now ranked as a 7th Dan, and is an A-level tournament judge and a C-level instructor and examiner. She teaches and trains at the main dojo in Eagle River, Alaska. Every time she teaches, she hears the words from Yaguchi Sensei in her mind, and tries to pass along his wisdom to the young students in Alaska.

Best Karate Series (1~11) by Master Nakayama

This series are good reading materials to learn fundamentals of techniques and Katas in Shotokan Karate. Links and purchasing info are easily found by typing "Best Karate" in any search engines.

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