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Training is conducted in a formal class setting. Different aspects of the Karate art are presented at each class. Normally all levels of students train together to everyone's benefit. Occasionally, advanced classes are held open only to higher ranked students.

A class normally consists of:

1. A warm up, calisthenics, and stretching to prepare the body for karate training.

2. Kihon - Practicing basic techniques. These are repeated many times to train the body to perform them

    correctly and with increasing speed and power.

3. Kumite - Sparring drills done with a partner. There are many levels of Kumite, so the student can

    advance systematically in ability and confidence.

4. Kata - Sequence of movements to familiarize dynamics and body mechanics in Karate: a) Body's   

    contraction and expansion; b) Power control; c) Speed control. Kata or form consists of predetermined

    movements: punching, blocking, kicking and striking techniques, performed against imaginary 

    opponents. Katas progress from simple to more complex as the student's skill level advances.

5. A cool down and stretching to calm mind and body to peaceful state at the end of the class.

Dojo Floor

ISKF Colorado (Denver Dojo) has history for over forty five years. This floor has been hosting uncountable number of students over time. Lots of memories.

Adults Class

Karate training increases physical strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Regardless of your age or present physical condition, the right time to start is now. It's a decision you won't regret.

Kids Class

We offer training for boys and girls from ages six to twelve. Karate training provides physical and mental growth as well as increased self confidence. And, we have fun!

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