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Train with Champion


ISKF Colorado is happily announcing an additional class to its regular schedule, starting on July 19th, 2021. This class focuses primarily on kata for both competition and examination. Instruction is by Sensei Miyuki Kuroha. She has been an active competitor for more than ten years, and holds many ISKF championship titles:

  • Two times World Shoto Cup Senior Champion

  • Two times Pan American Senior Kata Champion

  • Ten times US Nationals Senior Kata Champion

  • Four times Senior Team Kata Champion

  • She also has many titles in World Wide Open Tournaments

*The classes are scheduled for different levels each week to focus on specific katas for each level.

*Class is open to age 13+.

Training Schedule (Thru September)

All classes start from 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm on Mondays.

  • July 19th (All Level)

  • July 26th (Brown and Black Belt)

  • August 2nd (Black Belt)

  • August 9th (All Level)

  • August 16th (Brown and Black Belt)

  • August 23rd (Black Belt)

  • August 30th (All Level)

  • * September 6th (No Class)

  • September 13th (Brown and Black Belt)

  • September 20th (Black Belt)

  • * September 27th (No Class)

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